Loyalty bonus

Do you like to collect items for your favorite game?
Do you have any items you want to sell?
Then do it with us!

Start selling skins and earn bonuses right now!


How to get bonuses for selling skins

We’ve created accumulative system of bonuses* special for you . You can get up to 10% bonus of the price of skins** if you are our customer.

All you need is to play CS:GO, Dota 2, H1Z1, PUBG and to sell your skins on Skinsmarket.com.

You can enlarge your bonus by increasing your rank***. All bonuses are enlarging automatically according to the increasing of your rank.

The more skins you sell the higher rank you get.

Everybody who has sold Skins before the Bonus program, will get a rank based on the amount of sold skins.

All those who made transactions on Skinsmarket.com before the start of the Cumulative bonus program, will receive an appropriate ranking based on the amount of sold skins.

The currency of the Bonus program is EURO. Thus, to rank up on Skinsmarket, all money from sales will be converted to EURO at the actual exchange rate.

*This Bonus will not be added to other bonuses. The most beneficial Bonus to the user is remaining active.
**Individual bonus is depending on the amount of sold skins. But it doesn’t apply to some skins.
***The rank is valid only for the account that you are using for selling skins.